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Poseidon - god of the seas and horses in ancient Greece.

In Greek mythology, gods and horses are closely related. Thus, Helios, god of the sun, according to the beliefs of the Greeks, appears daily in the morning over the sea and rides in a chariot drawn by winged horses Quartet. Ahead of Helios rides Ares, god of war, also in the chariot.

But the closer all the gods associated with horses Poseidon, god of the seas and earthquakes. He leaves his underwater palace in a chariot, which involve zlatogrivye horse color of algae and sea foam. Poseidon is also both a creator and lord of horses, and the embodiment of all the horses in the world. He often brings his horses to the heroes, to which most favors. Sometimes, by the way, it is called Hippias, "lord of horses." The cult of Poseidon was spread throughout Greece, but most followers of this cult was in Thessaly, the home of the Centaurs and the main area of horse breeding in ancient Greece. Sometimes there is a sacrifice to Poseidon brought a white horse, in accordance with the ritual of betraying his waves. On the island of Rhodes such a custom existed: white horse, harnessed to the chariot of flames, the force drove into the water, so in late winter to revive the sun.

Some features of the cult of Poseidon suggest that Poseidon was originally a totem deity worshiped in the form of a horse. This is evidenced epiklesa Poseidon - Hippias ("Horse"), mentioning among the sons of Poseidon's horses and the fact that at a later time, the formation of ancient mythological tradition was considered the patron of horse breeding. In honor of Poseidon, the Isthmian Games were held in equestrian competitions.

Poseidon, who was married to Amphitrite, was known throughout Greece for its love affairs, especially with the Gorgon Medusa, as a result of this connection, after the death of Medusa in her blood were born Pegasus and Hrisaor. But most of all know the story of Poseidon and Demeter. They - the brother and sister, both - the children of Cronus and Rhea (the ones, incidentally, also a brother and sister). While Demeter was the goddess of fertility, protectress of women, marriage and agriculture, it is almost always depicted with the head black mare, and her priestesses of the temple called "colts." To avoid persecution by the love of Poseidon, Demeter decided to turn into a mare. By understanding how to trick went Demeter, Poseidon transformed himself into a stallion, and from their union was born horse Arion, who became the horse of Hercules, and then Adrastus; Arion saved Adrastus during the war with Thebes. So Poseidon and Demeter were forever linked with the cult of the horses.

Poseidon also identified and an evil demon Taraksipp (horror horses), altars, which were installed at racetracks as Olympic and Istmeyskih games.

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